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The Army Corps of Engineers is looking at updating the Master Plan for Lake Somerville and is asking for your help.  The last official Master Plan for the lake is dated February, 1963.  The Master Plan defines the strategic land use and development of all recreational, natural, and cultural resources around the lake that are under the Army Corps of engineers control.

Normally, a public workshop would be announced for the revised Master Plan, but complications with COVID have forced the Corps to go online.  Comments may be submitted online by filling out the Comment Form or by mailing in.  The comment period ends June 6th.  The site to go to is:   Questions pertaining to the proposed revision can be addressed to: Joshua Copeland, Project Manager, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Fort Worth District, P.O.Box 17300,  Fort Worth, Tx 76102-0300 or email at:

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  1. Please continue to offer trails that horses may use. Also, as Lake Somerville is within a few hour’s drive of Houston, Austin, and College Station, please plan for day trailer parking.

  2. I’ve ridden the equine trails. They are wonderful. Lots of shade and easy footing. I camped at Bent Tree equestrian campground & it’s GREAT! Due to the bridge being out, I haven’t traversed to the other side. Lake Sommerville is fun and relaxing.

  3. Maybe Representative Kolkhorst & both Kacal & Bius would be willing to plead the case for LOCAL citizens to once again have day use access (hiking, picnicking, birdwatching, fishing) to Rocky & Yegua USACE parks on south side of Lake that is now denied us. Use is now limited to those dragging trailers (some the size of small houses).

    Perhaps lots of citizens should ask them to represent us ASAP- government officials can move pretty fast when motivated, and may know channels the average joe/jane does not. It could certainly increase their profiles here among voting constituents.

    1. I agree with this 100%. Absolutely no need for this restriction during the week. They can keep it for camping only on the weekend. Too crowded for this local then anyway

  4. The parks surrounding the lake need more trees planted and fishing piers. The lake, itself, could use for more fish stocked and more advertising, as it is a really nice lake in a great location, but isn’t well known in the Gulf coast area.

    1. Not well known? Have you tried booking a spot? Very few Washington County people get to camp it seems.

      There needs to big changes. If you get a chance to go to Stillhouse Hollow or Belton Lake and see how beautiful their parks are. Very little camping sites but tons of day use areas

  5. NICE to just hear about this for the first time with less than a month to reply and review this proposed revision to “the master plan” doesn’t seem a bit fishy at all to me. Pun intended.

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