The Washington County Appraisal District Board of Directors received the state’s results for its 2022-23 Methods and Assistance Program (MAP) review at a meeting Tuesday.

The Texas Comptroller is required at least once every two years to review each appraisal district’s governance, taxpayer assistance, operating procedures, appraisal standards, procedures and methodology.

Per the review, the Washington County Appraisal District passed all mandatory requirements.  Ratings in individual appraisal district activities showed the county met the threshold in governance and in appraisal standards, procedures and methodology.  The taxpayer assistance rating was listed at “needs some improvement,” while operating procedures showed the appraisal district “needs significant improvement.”

Appraisal district ratings are scored up to 100 based on a series of questions reviewing particular appraisal district actions and if those actions were performed.  Washington County scored a 94 in governance; 93 in appraisal standards, procedures and methodology; 88 in taxpayer assistance; and 83 in operating procedures.  No scores for the appraisal district were below a 75, considered “unsatisfactory.”

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the board elected officers.  No changes were made from last year, as John Schaer Jr. will continue as board chair, Charles Gaskamp as vice chair and Leslie Boehnemann as secretary.

The board approved the consent agenda and accepted the 2021-22 financial audit.  It also discussed possible uses of surplus funds.  Chief Appraiser Dyann White said she plans to present the proposed 2023-24 budget by February 14th.

White’s annual evaluation was then performed by the board in executive session.

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