Patrons to The Barnhill Center in downtown Brenham can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend with a special performance.

(courtesy photo)

The Celtic Angels, accompanied by The Celtic Knight Dancers and the Trinity Band Ensemble, take the stage tomorrow (Saturday) at 7 p.m.  The production is a celebration of Ireland’s most popular songs, dance and lore, featuring award-winning and world champion singers, dancers and musicians.

The Barnhill Center producer Sharon Brass says Celtic Angels shows are “an enchanting theatrical and musical feast for all ages.”  She calls it “a beautiful experience, musically and visually.”

The Celtic Angels pay homage to their beloved Emerald Isle, with over 30 contemporary and traditional Irish tunes woven together through song, dance and storytelling.

A few select seats remain available starting at $65.  They can be purchased at https://thebarnhillcenter.com

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