Brenham | Washington County Economic
Development Specialist Teresa Rosales presents to
the Brenham City Council on Thursday a request
from Blue Bell Creameries to be nominated by the
city for the Texas Enterprise Zone program.

The Brenham City Council is supporting Blue Bell Creameries in its pursuit of state assistance as it expands its Brenham plant.

The council on Thursday adopted an ordinance on its first reading to nominate Blue Bell to the Office of the Governor’s Economic Development and Tourism division for Texas Enterprise Project designation.  Blue Bell plans to invest over $10 million in capital improvements via new construction and facility and equipment upgrades. 

If Blue Bell’s project qualifies, it can receive reimbursement for the state portion of sales and use tax paid as a part of the business expansion over the course of the five-year designation.  No local sales tax would be rebated to the company. 

Brenham | Washington County Economic Development Specialist Teresa Rosales said the project primarily involves enhancing the milk bay and three-ounce cup line. 

The city previously nominated Blue Bell for the Texas Enterprise Zone program in 2018 for the new construction of a 45,000 square foot fleet shop and another 125,000 square feet in the production building.

The council’s approval of the nomination on Thursday came after a hearing with no comment from the general public.  Councilmember Albert Wright said, “Anything to do with Blue Bell, I’m for it.”

Representatives of Blue Bell were in attendance and brought servings of its new flavor, Dr Pepper Float, to share after the meeting.  Mayor Atwood Kenjura joked, “Please come to some more meetings.”

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