The City of Burton has provided an update on their efforts to drill a second water well that they have needed since 2013.

On November 21, Burton officials received word from the Texas General Land Office that the city has been awarded a $593,800 grant from the Regional Mitigation Fund.

The money will be used toward the drilling of the secondary water well.  However, the grant is only going to cover a portion of the cost.

In addition to the secondary well, the City of Burton is also seeking funding for water line upgrades down the north end of Main Street and up FM 1697.

The City is waiting for a grant to open with the Texas Water Development Board, plus they are seeking additional funding via the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund where they can seek funding with below-market fixed interest rates. 

There is an additional opportunity for Burton to qualify for principal forgiveness because they are a “very small system” and have an “urgent need.”

Mayor Karen Buck has put in a request with the Texas Water Development Board to have a community survey be done for the town, and right now they are waiting on approval.

Should the city receive permission from the TWDB to do a third-party survey, they ask local residents that when the surveyor comes by that you answer his questions as truthfully and honestly as possible. 

If the survey is approved, the City will send letters out letting residents know information about the firm, the surveyor, the dates they will visit, and what kinds of questions will be asked.

Mayor Buck also submitted an application to participate in the Asset Management Program for Small Systems for the water well system, the waste water system, and the treatment plant.

If approved, the hope is that the program will help Burton “achieve long-term sustainability and make managerial and operational decisions that utilize the resources of the system as efficiently as possible.”

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