The Washington County Commissioners Court session on Tuesday will be starting at a later than normal time. 

The meeting will start at 9:30am instead of the usual 9am so that members of the court can attend the Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s “Meet the Candidates” event that morning at the Margaret E. Blizzard Senior Activity Center.

Items on the agenda include formally ending negotiations with CGL Companies and entering into negotiations with DRG Architects for architecture and design services for the Jail Kitchen remodel.

Commissioners are going to discuss and possibly award a bid for the Washington County Courthouse Chiller.

They are also scheduled to have a lengthy workshop session with numerous items to discuss.

Items for the workshop include: a 9-1-1 building lease agreement, a Hotel Occupancy Tax update on possible changes, the Courthouse Landscaping project, the jail kitchen project, the EMS station at Lake Somerville project, and an update from the Financial Committee.

The Washington County Commissioners meet Tuesday at 9:30am at the Washington County Courthouse.

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