The Brenham Cub Powerlifting Team competed in their final Brazos Valley Powerlifting League Meet of the season on Wednesday. As a whole, the Cubs finished in second place for the meet, which was held at Brenham High School.

The scores are based on three lifts combined: squat, bench press, and dead lift.

In the 123lb. weight class, Evo Beach finished second overall with a combined lift of 745 pounds.

For the 165lb. weight class, Brenham had the top two finishers as Michael Gonzalez finished first with 1,585 pounds, and Andre Powell finished second with 1,170 pounds.

In the 181lb. weight class, John Rigsby won first place with a combined lift of 1,345. Rafael Salgado finished fifth with 940 pounds.

For the 198lb. weight class, Connor Appelt placed second with a combined lift of 1,230 pounds.

In the 220lb. weight class, Caleb Espinoza finished sixth with 1,115 pounds, and Owen Robinson finished right behind him in seventh with 1,095 pounds.

For the 242lb. weight class, Miguel Rodriguez finished 3rd with a combined lift of 1,410 pounds, while Matthew Phillips was 6th with 1,340 pounds, and Andre Mojica was 8th with 1,170 pounds.

In the 275lb. weight class, Antonie Najera was 2nd with 1,235 pounds and Dane Kruse was third with 1,205 pounds.

According to Head Coach Ryan Jones, they will find out over the weekend which members of the team will be advancing to the Regional Powerlifting Meet.

The Boys Regional 2 Meet is March 9th in Joshua, Texas

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