Lillie Thibodeaux receives a scholarship from the
Joe Routt Family
Juan Mata receives a scholarship from the
Joe Routt Family

Brenham High School held its annual All-Sports Banquet and Awards Presentation this (Tuesday) evening in the BHS Auditorium.

The top honor of the night, the Joe Routt Awards, went to Brenham Cubette Volleyball Player Lillie Thibodeaux for the girls and Brenham Cub Football Player Juan Mata for the boys. The Joe Routt Awards are given to athletes that have demonstrated outstanding grades, leadership, citizenship, dependability, athletic ability, and are strong competitors in every aspect.

Banquet MC Doug Brown with Owen E. Erekson
Award Winner Halle Scheel (Lindsay Scheel)

They also handed out the Owen E. Erekson Awards, which go to the outstanding senior multiple sports athletes. The female winner was Halle Scheel, who played on the basketball and softball teams. On the male side, there were co-winners, Ivan Salazar, who played football and soccer, and Jaylon Ward, who played football and ran track.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes presented their Athletes of the Year Awards to the sister-brother duo of Sarah and Luke Mabie.

KWHI also presented awards as well. For the Football Team, the KWHI/John Brieden Defensive Player of the Game went to Cade Moore, while the KWHI/John Brieden Offensive Player of the Game went to Jakoby Dixon. For Baseball, the KWHI/John Brieden Star of the Game Award went to Drake Bentke.

Here is a list of the remaining award winners:


Ed Pothul Coach’s Award and the Most Valuable Athlete Award - Joe DuBowik

Most Valuable Partner Award - Aiden Schulz

FCA Athletes of the Year: Luke and Sarah Mabie
(Gwynne Mabie)


Booster Club Award: Katie Seeker

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Logan Ballard and Chasidy Nowicki

Most Valuable Cheerleader Award: Ribbon Jones, Kailyn Shugart, and Carlyn McCoy


Booster Club Award: La’Mya Williams

New Comer Award: Deanaisa Holliday

Gold Scissor Award: Jashaun Bennett


Booster Club Award: Saif Mohammed

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Alan Guerrero

Most Valuable Player Award: Hunter Fleetwood


Booster Club Award: Addison Schramme

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Averi Frazier

MVP-Defense Award: Kristin Kuehn

MVP-Offense Award: Rylee Sommerlatte

Most Valuable Player Award: Lillie Thibodeaux and Charli Crowson

KWHI/John Brieden Football Award Winners:
Cade Moore and Jakoby Dixon
(Doug Brown)


Booster Club Award: Dane Kruse

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Juan Mata and Ivan Salazar

Most Valuable Player Award: Jakoby Dixon


Booster Club Award: Madeline Zschech and Alex Dallmeyer

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Kaitlynne Allen and Alex Dallmeyer

Most Valuable Award: Madeline Pierce and Strider Lochiel


Booster Club Award: Halle Scheel

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Jayde Powell

MVP-Defense Award: Jayde Powell

MVP-Offense Award: Antiyahna Lang

Most Valuable Player Award: Halle Scheel


Booster Club Award: Diego Estrada

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Issac Powell

MVP-Offense Award: Issac Powell

MVP-Defense Award: JaKobe Mathis

Most Valuable Player Award: Elijah Ferguson


Booster Club Award: Dane Kruse

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Conner Appelt

Most Valuable Player Award: Michael Gonzalez


Booster Club Award: Madie Zschech

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Kelsi O’Donnell

Most Valuable Player Award: Kianna McDonald and Nali Washington


Booster Club Award: Ivan Salazar

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Joe Jelisejevs

MVP-Offense Award: Isaac Garcia

MVP-Midfielder Award: Josh Espinoza

Most Valuable Player Award: Aiden Schulz


Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Boys-Toby Lewis, Girls-Briar Kalkhake

Most Valuable Player Award: Boys-Sam Clepper, Girls-Jordi Phillips and Annalee Sawyer


Booster Club Award: Boys – Dalton Winklemann, Girls – Addison Schramme

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Boys - Kayn Gurka, Girls – Sofia Workman

Most Valuable Player Award: Boys – Dalton Winklemann, Girls-Addie Bogan


Booster Club Award: Boys – Jaleon Breedlove, Girls – Carlyn McCoy

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Boys – Jaleon Breedlove, Girls – Carlyn McCoy

Most Valuable Player Award: Boys – Mason Wolf, Girls – Colleen Cole


Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Aleara Stackhouse

Most Valuable Player Award: Adrianna Phillips


Booster Club Award: Saif Mohammed

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Saif Mohammed

Most Valuable Player Award: Jaylon Ward


Booster Club Award: Della Jasinski

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Kaylyn Rodriguez

MVP-Offense Award: Sarah Mabie

MVP-Defense Award: Heidi Busker

Most Valuable Player Award: Avery Maurer and Halle Scheel


Booster Club Award: Tanner Reese

Ed Pothul Coach’s Award: Preston Lee

Big Stick Award: Drake Bentke

Golden Glove Award: Tanner Reese

Justin Jozwiak Fighting Heart Award: Landry Mendoza

Most Valuable Player Award: Tanner Reese

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