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The cost of a Texas A&M education is going up after Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Regents.

Freshmen at most of the A&M system’s 11 universities will pay 6 percent more this fall in the upcoming school year.

The new rates, however, will be fixed for at least four years  Some say this is a silver lining.  The increases come with a guaranteed rate, as required last spring by the state Legislature.  It’s a move to keep tuition constant and combine fees so students and parents can know what to expect when paying for college.

Freshmen at the flagship College Station campus taking 12 or more credit hours this fall will pay $4813 a semester.  That’s$248 more per semester than the current freshman class.

At Prairie View, this fall’s freshmen class will pay $250 more per semester.  Fifteen credit hours will cost $4689.

Officials at Texas A&M said that even with the tuition hike, the universities are still affordable.

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