The Brenham School Board plans further discussion about the Angel Guardian Program when they meet Monday evening.

The plan proposes putting one armed professional staff member on each of the district’s campuses in order to prevent a mass shooting incident such as the one in Newtown, Connecticut last December.

The Board first heard of the proposal at their July meeting and have had several subsequent discussions since then. 

At their last meeting, on October fifth, Brenham Police Chief Rex Phelps said if the district were to adopt the plan, the police department would aid them in making sure it is implemented properly.

 School Supt. Sam Bell conducted a survey of professional staff members at the beginning of the school year and found that 54 percent favored the program. 

School Board members have expressed some skepticism.  Board Member Natalie Lange said she was still on the fence after the last meeting, and Member Susan Jenkins says there is still much she needs to look at. Board President Melvin Ehlert  has said it is important the program be instituted completely right the first time.

The Brenham School Board meets Monday at six at the Brenham High School Lecture Room.


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  1. The only person that I am comfortable with carrying a gun onto my child’s campus is a member of Brenham PD, Washington County Sheriff Department or a higher authority. The Angel Guardian program is a very, very poorly thought out idea. I want a person that is a full-time law enforcement officer, who is professionally trained to handle a nutjob with a gun in my kids’ school.

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