The Brenham Airport may be getting a second Fixed Base Operator.  Brent Nedbalek, who currently operates Aviators Plus at the Brenham Airport has requested from the city authorization to operate a second FBO.  The current FBO, Southern Flyer, is run by Jack and Janet Hess, who also operate the restaurant at the airport.  Aviators Plus currently services aircraft as well as offering charter service.  Nedbalek is requesting to add fuel sales and aircraft line service from a full featured FBO.  Brenham’s Airport Advisory Board was in general agreement for the possible location of the new FBO building and fuel tanks during their meeting Tuesday evening.   Nedbalek is currently negotiating an FBO agreement with the city and city staff is working on a list of services that a FBO would be required to provide in order to sell fuel at the airport.  The request is expected to go before the Brenham City Council in a few months for approval.

In other action, the advisory board agreed request that council increase the city owned hanger lease rate.  That rate has been $250 per month since the hangers were constructed, and the board suggested increasing the rate to $280 for hangers with electric doors and $265 for those with manual doors.  They also voted to request an increase in the Ground Space Lease Rate from the current 8 cents per square foot to 10 cents per square foot per year.  That rate has been the same since the leases began in 2000.

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