An Austin County jury convicted a 31-year old Brenham man  for burglarizing a building in Sealy last summer this week.

Patrick Hurd was found guilty of breaking into the city of Sealy maintenance warehouse last June 19th.  He was arrested as he walked along State Highway 36 in the early morning hours of that day.

Testimony in the case showed that Hurd and 25-year old Carl Haywood of Hempstead had pried open the warehouse and stole tools, a chop saw along with several other items.   The men then attempted to break into vending machines in the front of Bill’s Country Market when there were spotted by a citizen who called police.  

A Sealy police officer responded to the call and the suspect ran.  The stolen items were found in Hurd’s truck, which was parked near the crime scene. 

Haywood pled guilty and was sentenced to prison.

Hurd had prior convictions that led to a harsher sentence.  The jury sentenced Hurd to 15 years in prison and fined him $7500. 

Austin County District Attorney Travis Koehn said he was pleased with the verdict and the sentence.  He called Hurd a career criminal.

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