Charges have been filed against 23 suspects in an organized crime ring that has involved a multi-agencies investigations, with twenty-two suspects being in jail, and one still being at large, and involved the possibility of the crime ring coming into Brenham last summer.

In July of 2014, Houston Police received a Crime Stoppers tip about a robbery at a Chase Bank in Katy, and that tip led to the formation of a multi-agency task force, which indicated that the group was involved in 19 “extremely violent” bank robberies, bank juggings, and other crimes in a number of cities, including Brenham, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Houston, Katy Pasadena, and Livingston.

Brenham Police Chief Rex Phelps
Brenham Police Chief Rex Phelps

Investigators have determined that the crime ring operated from the Homestead and Tidwell area in northeast Houston, and it’s members, according to police, are young career criminal that grew up together and were connected through friendship, family and gang affiliation.

Brenham Police Chief Rex Phelps had been notified back in August that the group might be headed into the Brenham area to commit burglaries, and because police had seen an increase in motor vehicle burglaries and possible bank juggings here, patrols were increased throughout the city.

Phelps believes that these extra patrols discouraged the group from their plan, and that the group left town due to increased police presence.

Police Chief Phelps thanked all of the agencies that helped keep Brenham safe.




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