Brenham City Council Member Mary Barnes Tilley summed up today’s (Thursday’s) meeting as a day to ‘improve the life for pets and people in the city.’

The City Council heard substantial discussions on the proposed new Pet Adoption and Animal Care Center and the proposed renovations at the Nancy Carol Roberts Library at today’s(Thursday’s) meeting.

The most urgent item could be the new animal shelter.  Brenham Police Chief Rex Phelps told the Council that the city needs a newer and bigger facility that can handle up to 1600 dogs, cats, and other pets a year.


The Shelter is expected to be built next to the Brenham Police Station on Longwood Drive.  Phelps said the shelter should be 8500 square feet in order to handle modest growth in the next few years.  This double the size of the current animal shelter and will have at least 170 kennels for cats and dogs. The city will fund much of this new shelter but they already have nearly $600,000 in private donations. He hopes to have the new shelter open in October of 2015.  Phelps says the animal shelter is needed for the health and safety of the community.

City Administrative Director Wendy Ragonis told the City Council that having a newly renovated Library will keep the facility a ‘catalyst for literacy and information sharing for many years.’

Amy Sibley, an interior designer for the Komatsu Architectural Firm told the City Council that while the library will remain in its current location, the building will be so drastically changed that people will think it is a whole new library.


Amy Sibley - Les Edmonds

Interior Designer Amy Sibley and architect Les Edmonds discuss the library renovations at Thursday's city council meeting.


City Manager Terry Roberts said the renovation project would mean some ‘significant demolition’ of the current structure.  Sibley agreed saying the steep steps at the north end of the library are a hazard.\

The library renovation is part of strategic plan worked up years ago.  The costs could be $3 million and there fundraising efforts underway from the Fortnightly Club in addition to certificates of obligation for the city to issue.

City Manager Roberts said that while the renovations are in progress a scaled down library will be in the lobby of the city hall.


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