Hundreds of commuters in Austin County are extremely upset with TxDOT, after what they say was the worst back up on I-10 they’ve ever seen.

This past weekend, many drivers spent up to five hours on a bridge between Sealy and Brookshire, after they say they didn't get a warning that a construction delay was coming up.

Some desperate people resorted to illegal detours on the freeway near the Brazos River, resulting in DPS pulling people over and issuing tickets.

The Texas Department of Transportation is apologizing for the lack of public warnings concerning the construction.

TxDOT spokesperson Deidrea George said the department can “certainly can do better.”   George stopped short of admitting there was a a breakdown in communication.

TxDOT engineers found problems with asphalt in the outer eastbound lane of I-10 near the river, which required one of the highway’s two lanes to close while crews work every weekend for the next month.

George says TxDOT received one week’s notice about the project.

The department plans to get better signage up to warn.

Until then, it is on drivers to use map to work out their own legal detours.


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