A Washington County jury has found former jailer Christopher Kulow, guilty of Official Oppression.

The six-member jury deliberated for 3 hours Wednesday afternoon following final arguments in the Class-B misdemeanor trial.

Dozens of extra security personnel were on hand at the Washington County courthouse after rumors circulated that New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X and members of the Panthers would be attending the trial.

Quanell X arrived shortly before noon and spent the afternoon at the courthouse.

Rumors of the Houston activist’s attendance flourished when it was learned that all six members of the jury, five women and one man, are all white—as is Kulow, while the victim is African-American.

Kulow was convicted of assaulting inmate Gregory Webb as he was strapped into a restraining chair, back in 2013.

During closing arguments, District Attorney Julie Renken stated that Kulow knocked over Webb as he was strapped into the chair then struck him in the face.  Webb had been placed in solitary confinement the day before.

The defense argued that Kulow was acting against a threat to the correctional facility and that the state failed to meet its burden of proof.

After the verdict, District Attorney Julie Renken and Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak had these comments about the case:

Actavist Quanell X parised the DA and the jury on the verdict:

The sentencing phase of Kulow’s trial is set for October first, back in 21st District Court in Brenham.

Washington County Jail surveillance video from August 22, 2013. (no audio)

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  1. I wan to know why did the other officials that was looking iat what was happening did not get charged, They should have , because they were letting a crime happen in front of them

  2. It doesn’t matter if you know a person sometimes they can act out of character. But the jury found him guilty. Quanell X spoke well of the DA regardless of what other people said about him. Whether we want to to admit to it or not it is still racism. So every race has to be on the look out

    1. What is “still racism”? Where is the racism in this story? Is it just because the cop is white and the victim is black? Why does it always have to be about race? It’s about two people who made bad choices that day: the victim who broke the law to get himself thrown in jail, and the cop who lost his temper and punched him. Nothing in this story has anything to do with race so stop trying to make it so.

      1. Responding to you racism still lives regardless of what color you are . Don’t be ignorant to the fact. I been in all my life I know that’s why I clearly put my name not a nick name I stand on what I know. I have right to my opinion if it wasn’t about race then why was all people concerned about all white jury against a black man.

        1. You’re right, racism exists, but the racism that I’ve witnessed in the past several years is in the form of blacks hating whites. Farrakhan, Wright, Quanell, Sharpton, all spewing hatred and encouraging violence towards white people. Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you seem to be letting your opinion stand between your acceptance of the facts.

          There’s no sense in discussing this with you any further because I can see that you’re so blinded by race you refuse to look at anything objectively. And until you can, you’ll continue to be part of the problem, not the solution.

  3. I am not sure of all the facts, but I know Chris and he would not have been violent if not provoked. This is not a Black/White/Hispanic issue. This is a issue of right or wrong. If the gentleman in jail was so innocent he would not have been incarnated to begin with. If he threatened anyone or their family, I would have probably lost my cool too. Who wouldn’t. Chris since found guilty, should not be the only one sentenced. By the video several were there and aided in the assault by not stopping what was going on immediately. It is time to stop and think about the big picture before throwing out race cards. We should all be treated equally. We were all created by the same Creator. Time to grow up and start taking some reasonability for our own actions instead of always wanted to blame someone else due to skin color, etc.

    1. Two things. First, whether provoked or not, an officer of the law should be able to maintain their temper. Two, the idea that the guy had to some terrible person because he was in jail is ridiculous, innocent people get arrested all the time. Don’t try to justify poor decisions.

  4. After looking at the video, you really can’t see what really happened due to the officer blocking the view and the darkness of the video. What happened prior to make them put him in restraints? It probably wasn’t because he was complying with instructions. Why are the citizens of Washington Co. fearing Quanell X?????? This is what is wrong- the Black Panthers can voice their opinion but other races cannot or they will be accused of being racial. I don’t understand why in this day and age why color should matter. If your a criminal, you are a criminal no matter what color!!!!!!!!!!

    1. “What happened prior to make them put him in restraints?” Well no one came forward with any kind of injuries from the inmate, which should lead us to believe that he was not being physically violent (especially not to the level of being beaten by a cop). In addition to that, even if he was being violent, does that justify being able to hit the guy after he was in restraints? Also, the idea that “oh, we might not know because the film was dark” really has no legs, there were plenty of witnesses to the incident from what I’ve read. Finally, where is anyone fearing Quanell X? I missed that post…..

  5. I’m not usually behind Quanell X activist ways but this was a proud comment he made today about Washington County, a place where everyone should and will be treated with justice.Let’s look at the big picture and not focus on the individual. He has a right, just as any other American, to express his comments which all seemed to be positive towards Washington County’s Judicial System, due to the First Amendment.

  6. Thanks to our DA Julie Renken for a job well done. Once again she has proven that the responsibilities of this office are executed with sound judgement and ethics. She does not let politics influence her decisions. No doubt others in our district could follow her lead.

  7. Is the man that intimidating to you?

    Last I heard a man of any color has a right to attend a trial if he choses.

    1. Jenny, please stop hinting at racism here. It only makes you guilty of the same allegation.

      Washington County had the right to have extra officers at the courthouse if they so chose because there has been in the past cases where there were large protesters at an event with Quanell X. If you don’t believe me please do an Internet search.

      If anything – he saw that WC would NOT take kindly to any type of behavior we have seen in the past from some of his followers (note, I said some, not all) and the result is what you see in that video – no protests, no angry remarks. For that I give him props.

  8. I don’t understand what Quanell X thinks he can do about this? Why is he even here? He must not have anything better to do.

    1. If Cpl Kulow had got found not guilty Quanell X would have never said what he did about Washington county. There would have been worse coming out of his mouth.

      1. Why would he “citizen”. He said what he said about wash co. because of the guilty verdict that was handed down. It was just and very clear that the jury focused on the facts of the case. So when he says that other counties can learn from wash co, that’s what he meant. Stop stirring the pot!

      2. Of course he wouldn’t have said it because the jury would have been letting a guilty man off the hook. Kudos Julie Renkin!

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