Washington County EMS Director Kevin Deramus told the County Commissioners today (Tuesday) that Medicaid has been underpaying them for some time and they need to try to get at least some partial reimbursements.  He asked the Commissioners to hire Revenue Optimization Solutions to help them get the full payme.Deramus said there is no guarantee they would get any additional reimbursements but it would be ‘foolish’ not to try. He said the Medicaid reimbursements are not even close to paying the full cost of the ambulance services.  The reimbursements would allow the Washington County EMS to stay as the approved provider in the Texas Ambulance Supplemental Payment Program.

Precinct Four County Commissioners Joy Fuchs said she was concerned that with the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid payments are certain to decline, creating an even larger gap.

The County Commissioners also approved an agreement for professional services with Justice Benefits, Incorporated in efforts to get reimbursements for the apprehension of undocumented aliens. County Judge John Brieden says the county needs help when the arrest such people and the county is eligible for these reimbursements for federal financial participation.

The County Commissioners also approved and agreement with Conversant Technologies for pay phone services for inmates of the Washington County Jail.  The inmates pay the costs of these phones but the County needs to chose the provider. This matter had been tabled two weeks ago when County Commissioner Kirk Hanath chaired the meeting.  He apologized at today’s (Tuesday’s) at this ‘debacle’ but said he didn’t believe there was enough information to make a decision at the time.

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