A case of forgery is under investigation by Brenham Police.

Thursday afternoon Officer Mark Pierce was called to the 600 block of S. Market in reference to someone using a counterfeit $100 bill.

The caller said that the previous evening a black male made a purchase with a $100 but the store manager didn’t realize the bill was fake until he went to make the deposit on Thursday. The case is under investigation.

The Brenham Police Department released this statement Friday afternoon about the recent cases of counterfeit bills:

Brenham police officials are warning area businesses to keep a sharp eye out for counterfeit bills. During recent weeks, officers have responded to several businesses in reference to subjects either attempting to or using counterfeit $100 bills to pay for services or purchases.

“A number of the bills have been used, or attempted to be used, at fast food restaurants. But we’ve also responded to calls at grocery stores and other businesses,” said Chief Dant Lange. “One of the incidents did result in the arrest of a Cypress woman, but she apparently isn’t the only one out there passing fake bills.”

In the case resulting in an arrest, the suspect, Taylor Plaster, allegedly tried to use counterfeit bills to purchase items at a local business. In that incident, as well as most of the others, employees working the cash registers recognized the bills as being fake and notified management, who called police.

“We are fortunate the businesses being targeted have trained their employees on what to look for, and the employees are great at doing their job. It does help us out tremendously when the employee can give a description of the subject who attempted to, or did, pass the counterfeit bill. In some cases the employee was able to recognize the fake and alert police before the subject left the store,” Lange said.

Anyone who believes they have received a counterfeit bill, or believes someone attempted to use counterfeit money to pay for goods or services should contact the police as soon as possible, Lange said.

“We definitely want to know and will respond. Even if the business owner or employee is uncertain, we still want them to contact us. That’s what we’re here for,” Lange said.


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