Over 70 area law enforcement officers were in Navasota Tuesday training for a nightmare scenario.

The Brazos Valley Child Abduction Response Team was training for a possible child abduction.

Police, K9 officers, first responders, and search and rescue volunteers gathered for a mock drill where a young girl had been kidnapped.

Navasota Police Chief Justin Leeth said they were happy to host the event.  During Leeth’s time with the department he says they have not had a child abducted.

Leeth said the responders, "want to work out the kinks and learn the training deficiencies and opportunities for growth and improvement.”

He goes on to say, that hopefully they can evaluate some training opportunities that they may have internally, and can apply a lot that's learned Tuesday on a lot of incidents.

Leeth says the officers are preparing for the worst case, hoping they never have to experience it.


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