A hearing scheduled on the proposed Chappell Hill Race Track has moved from Thursday, March 26th to Thursday, April 16th at 1:30pm at the request of Charles Von Schmidt and his attorneys.

Judge Reva Towslee Corbett will hear the reply from the defendants in the case, Charles Von Schmidt and Club Track Holdings in the 21st District Court of Washington County.  A group of Chappell Hill landowners filed a civil suit in late January seeking a permanent injunction to stop the race track from being built, saying it would devalue their property.  They include Helen and Chad Phillips, Charles and Danielle Fridge, OCF Cattle Company owned by Matt and Christi Strock, Ron and Lynn Holder, and J.T. Davis, owner of Dingo Ranch.  The proposed site is on 450 acres of the Mel Acres Ranch just south of US 290 in Chappell Hill.

The attorneys for Von Schmidt are seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed, due to lack of actual damages not having occurred. Attorney Audrey Manito has filed an answer to the lawsuit saying “no land has been purchased, no road racing circuit has been built, and no road racing circuit plans have been finalized.”  And that the landowners’ opposition to Von Schmidt’s acquisition and development of the land “are based on indefinite plans, rumors and hypotheticals they have conjured up themselves”.

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