Law enforcement authorities in Bryan believe they have discovered the bodies of the fatal victims of an early Monday house fire but they can’t be certain until DNA testing confirms it.

The tentative identification of Thomas ‘Mac’ Devin and his daughter, Noel Devin is just one of the many uncertainties surrounding their death for family, friends and investigators.

Fire investigators believe the pre-dawn Monday fire off Vinewood was intentionally set.  A convicted felon released from prison Friday after serving a 15 year sentence was in police custody less than 14 hours after the fire was reported.  Dennis Wayne Brown III was charged Monday in connection to the theft of Noel Devin’s SUV.  Officers have stopped short of saying he may face further charges in this case.

Mac Devin was 63 years old and had come to his 32-year old daughter’s home to return her dog.  Mac Devin was a graduate of Texas       A&M and his daughter Noel Devin who worked at the Texas A&M 12TH Man Foundation.

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