Sports Doc


A Man of Many Talents

Our Sports Doc comes all the way from the Berkshires of Massachusetts. He attended college at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, New Mexico, double majored in Radio and TV Communications and Political Science, and double minored in Theatre Arts and Criminal Justice.

He started working in radio at 14-years-old at the local prep school radios, then at commercial radio stations all the way through college before coming to KWHI to report on sports and news.

A little-known fact about Doc, he once opened for Gabe Kaplan in Albuquerque in 1988, doing stand-up comedy. He can also crush a beer can on his head and get it to stick there, and he believes the fictional character he identifies with the most is Opus the Penguin from Bloom County because he’s just a friendly guy trying to catch a break.

Get to Know Sports Doc

Favorite Food – Hot Wings and Tacos

Favorite Movie – The Godfather

Favorite Book – IT by Stephen King (If he could visit any fictional place, it would be Castle Rock, Maine, where Stephen Kings’ novels take place)

Favorite Show –Barney Miller

Favorite Quote– “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood’’

Favorite Country Song – “In Color” by Jamie Johnson

Favorite Country Artist – Wayland Jennings

Favorite Country Group – Alabama

Favorite Genre Outside of Country – Classic Rock (exclusively)

Celebrity Crush – Raquel Welsh

Favorite Holiday – Christmas (He loves giving)

Describe your job to someone from another planet: “I talk, people listen.”

What song would you choose to play every time you walked into a room? “My Little Buttercup”, from the movie ¡Three Amigos!, “for the grins”.

How the Other DJs Would Describe Him in One Word

Silly, Reserved, Grumpy, Funny, Goofy, Surprisingly Funny

Fun Facts from the Other DJs

“Doc loves to eat at new places” – Tracey Lawless

“Doc is a big hockey fan” – Crystal Raye

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