The La Grange Police Department says that more bones have been found at the site where an infant skull was found last month.

La Grange Police Sgt. Travis Anderson, the chief investigator, says a volunteer from Montgomery County Search and Rescue visit the site in February and made the recent discovery.

The volunteer, Jonna Johnson, found several burrows in the landscape that are used by small animals to store food, and within those depressions, found seven small bones that may go with the skull.

The skull, which was found January 17, was found on a property located on North Jefferson St, in the block south of Taqueria Rio Verde.

The skull was sent to the anthropology Department at Texas State University for analysis, and Anderson says that the bones will also be sent to Texas State to see if the bones match the skull.

From there, the remains will go to the University of North Texas for DNA analysis in hopes that the parents of the baby can be traced.

If anyone has any information on the case, contact the La Grange Police at 979-968-5806.


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