Marqez Bimage
(UT Athletics)

Multiple outlets are reporting that Brenham native Marqez Bimage has become the second Texas Longhorn player to opt out of playing in the 2020 season., just one of numerous sites reporting the story, says Bimage has opted out of the season over concerns over COVID-19.

Bimage becomes the second player to decide against playing this season, joining senior running back Daniel Young.

Bimage was considered by many as one of the top candidates for the starting job as the Longhorns’ strong side defensive end, in the team’s new 4-3 defense.  He has recorded 19 tackles, two tackles for loss, two pass breakups, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery in 34 career games.

Wednesday morning, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby noted that the NCAA Division I Council will have to make a decision about whether athletes will maintain their eligibility if they decide to opt out — according to the commissioner, it’s not the same thing as merely taking a redshirt because the athlete won’t be around the team.

Marqez was a three-time all-district and all-state linebacker for the Brenham Cubs, and was a 2016 District Defensive Player of the Year.


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  1. What are the actual odds of him dying or having serious complications from COVID at his age? Do the math on this. COVID is more dangerous to seniors but the annual flu causes more problems for people his age. If people relied on math instead of the media-driven fear, there would be less knee-jerk reactions.

  2. I beg to differ in my opinion. Free speech is a right! Not wanting to be exposed to a contagion, during a pandemic is not much different.
    The risk of dying for football, is not part of what they sign up for. Sounds to me like wide decisions, educated.

  3. Maybe I missed it, but the idea of being on a TEAM is that you are loyal, you fight for your team, and you take risks to achieve victory. I am embarrassed by what I have seen from him, he has gotten involved in liberal race based politics, and now is not serving his team by opting out. I do not think he is representing Brenham well.

  4. So you complain about the school earlier and now you opt out of the season. Really since they have paid for all your schooling.

    1. His PAID education ends NOW. The $$$$ UT put out in Scholarship & free gear needs to be returned & given to a worrhy student/athlete. Big 12 should not have to decide his eligubility…..he’s OUT & he made the decision. How he was chosen over another qualified QB is WHY & who was passed over ????? He has ruined any chance UT will consider Brenham athlete …be it Baseball, Softball & Football any Sport. Wonder how much free UT gear he has rec’d & passed on to friends. .all he received needs to be returned. He’s not worthy of wearing the Orange. What a shameful cast it puts on Brenham athletic programs. His Resume won’t land him in a great job. Alumni take care of great academic students & ones that uphold UT’s morals. Suppose he will have a renowned writer of Sports write his Bio. There are people that will pay $$$$ . Will be interesting what decision the Big 12 makes . Surely there will be a follow up to their decision.

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