Here’s something your children are probably pondering during the current summer vacation.

When the 2014-15 school year begins for the Brenham School District on August 25th, they will not see the last of school until June 4th.  Graduation Day will be exactly one year from today(Friday), on June 6th.

The Brenham School Board set the calendar earlier this year.

The students will be going to class the same number of days but because the district will be observing so many holidays and waiver days, the schools will be open for an extra week. The  teachers and staff return to work on August 15th.  The district will observe Labor Day, on September 1st, and   one day off for the Washington County Fair on September 17th.  Previously the district did not observe Columbus Day but they will this year, on October 13th.   The usual Thanksgiving Holiday will be observed on November 27th and 28th.  The Christmas break will be from December 22nd through January 6th.  The district will then observe the Martin Luther King Holiday on January 19th.  The district will again observe the President’s Day holiday on February 16th.  The district did this two years ago but did not observe the holiday this past school year.  Spring Break will be from March 16th through the 20th. School will be out for Good Friday.  School will be dismissed early on May first for Maifest.  The district will observe Memorial Day twice, on Friday, May 22nd and Memorial Day itself on May 25th.


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