The Texas Renaissance Festival has announced several changes for this year’s event as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

According to organizers, tickets must be pre-purchased for a specific date to keep numbers manageable for social distancing.  While the festival normally attracts as many as 450,000 visitors each fall, this year a maximum of 225,000 tickets will be sold.

Tickets are available online, or can be purchased in-person at H-E-B stores starting Sept. 1. The festival opens Oct. 3.

If the fair is canceled during its nine-week run, ticket holders can retain their tickets for redemption at the 2021 festival or receive a refund.

The festival hosted a flash sale for early ticket purchases two weeks ago, with 25,000 tickets purchased.

Officials say a number of the festival’s 400 regular vendors have opted not to return this year.

For shop spaces left vacant by absent vendors, festival leaders are considering using those areas for mask relief if a guest needs to take a mask off and breathe more freely.

Temperature checks will also be conducted on festival employees and vendors each morning and during shift change, and any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to quarantine.

Every year the festival hosts costume contests, and this year will host a decorative face mask contest each day.  Prizes will be offered for patrons whose face masks match their costumes best and fit the day’s theme.

For more information about ticket prices and updates from the Texas Renaissance Festival, visit


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  1. I do understand everyone’s concerns of everything going on and respect all of the vendors decisions in not participating if TexRenFest does not require face masks. With that said, I strongly hope the guests do because it is the best way to prevent the spread as the masks stop any germs from spreading to anyone but yourself. It does not prevent it from entering but lessen the spread if someone were to have it without knowing. Which is why my family and I will be steering clear of those “breathing stations”. That did shocked me a bit, but again, steering clear of them. On top of that, if everyone is just mindful of what they do, I don’t see why this year can be every bit as fun as the last. I’m glad they lessen the ticket sales and added those sanitization stations. We will be having our own, as well as some wipes to help protect others and ourselves. Stay safe everyone and I’m looking forward to a great and safe time!

  2. I’ve already purchased my tickets. Told them that they might as well open this year because if not, I would wear my costume, bring my lunch , and jump the fence and party by myself. It is the ONE day of the year that I forget about everything else, leave my miseries behind, and completely enjoy myself. Haven’t missed one in 18 years.

  3. In a world of terrible ideas, this is a Top Ten Terrible Idea. Large groups of people, mingling together. The reason so many vendors pulled out is because even THEY know this is a bad idea. And you’ll notice that nowhere does it say guests have to wear masks, only workers.

    But let’s make it worse: “For shop spaces left vacant by absent vendors, festival leaders are considering using those areas for mask relief if a guest needs to take a mask off and breathe more freely.” Yes, let’s create an area where people can mingle mask-free.

    I’ll pass. And thumbs down to festival organizers for holding this. Just wait a year!

    1. This is not a terrible idea. So glad that it will give people a chance to get out and act ” somewhat” normal. The government and all of its little soldiers are trying to scare everyone into hiding, while they limit your freedoms day by day. If you want to stay in and hide , please do so. But on the same note you should not judge those that want to enjoy life.

    1. The saddest part of this is that they are going to limit attendance.
      I love the renaissance festival, I used to pull a rickshaw there between 2010-15.
      Great place, great time.
      They had a management change 5 or 6 years ago that did no favors for the playtrons, or patrons, if you will.
      All of a sudden there was advertising for Bubwieser, Bud Light, and other commercial brands all over the festival, among other changes.
      It was sad to see.
      This festival is one of the best and largest in the country.
      King George is the owner, and since he has a huge infulence on Plantersville and Todd Mission, it is odd that they are doing this at all.
      It is the Ren Fest!
      It should be business as usual, if not more so.
      People need a place to go and unwind, have fun, especially during this Covid-19 mess.
      All of the people that are scared need to stay home.
      Please, please, stay away from all of the fun and enjoyable things that most of us like you fun hating folks.
      Live and let live.
      Just leave something for the rest of us.

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