The Washington County Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting tomorrow (Wednesday) morning for a boutique hotel between Brenham and Bellville.

The Chamber will welcome new member Country Dome Suites, located in Kenney but addressed at 211 Lynn Road in Bellville.

Each of the 11 fully furnished suites are housed in individual domes with sleeping areas, kitchenettes and ¾ bathrooms.

The ribbon cutting will be held at 11 a.m.  Ribbon cuttings can also be watched live on the Chamber’s Facebook page.

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  1. If these are the same thing I’m thinking of, this ‘boutique hotel’ will be made like those igloo type low rent domes that are out near 290 off of Lange Road.. What kinda talking and wheeling dealing got done to market these type buildings out in the country, as a boutique hotel. Good heavens, if I’m wrong, I apologize; but, if I am not, oh the lies that have been told in re to these!!Someone please clarify.

    1. Hello,
      I’m Cindy, one of the owners of Country Dome Suites in Kenney, Tx. I can understand your misunderstanding of our boutique hotel and would love to clarify for you. While we have the same overall dome structure such as those out on 290, we are not at all affiliated with The Inn Place and are doing business in a very different way. Our exterior and interior look is very different from that of The Inn Place. The Inn Place is run more like an apartment complex where people stay for extended periods of time. Country Dome Suites are fully furnished and ready for overnight guests, along with optional breakfasts and other meals. I like to describe our boutique hotel like a bed and breakfast on steroids. Lol. Feel free to check out our website http://www.CountryDomeSuites.com , or our Facebook and instagram pages @countrydomesuites to get a better idea of what we are offering our guests. Feel free to reach out anytime with questions, or if you’d like to have a little tour.

    2. Hello, BrenhamGramma! I am one of the owners of Country Dome Suites, and I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you saw our domes. While we have domes that are the same size as the ones you reference, we offer a totally different layout, look, and experience for our guests. We are truly a boutique hotel, not an apartment complex. We have put a lot of thought into creating a little bit of luxury in the country. Stop by sometime this week and we will be happy to show you around, or you can book a room for a night to experience it for yourself.
      Check us out on Facebook at Country Dome Suites or look at our website, http://www.countrydomesuites.com for more information.
      Hope to see you around!
      Jen Llewellyn
      Country Dome Suites

    3. Brenham Gramma Since these Suites are not in Brenham why are you concerned about what they look like? I have a friend that stayed there last weekend and they said they were a Great place to Unwind and Relax. Please Let people do what they want, If you dont Like them please dont go stay there.. Lighten up on people

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