Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak is continuing his crusade to get loose livestock off the rural county roads. He told today’s (Tuesday’s) meeting of the Washington County Commissioners that woman was killed after she struck a horse on highway 105 at about five in the morning. The Sheriff told the Commissioners that he his deputies had just secured those horses at about 9 the previous night. He says his deputies handle about a thousand cases of loose livestock a year and it takes up too much time.

The Sheriff told the Commissioners that there are very few repeat offenders and it is a problem for everyone in the county.


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  1. I think what the Sheriff is reffering to is that the owners need to secure the animals…fences need to be maintained…etc. I don’t think he thinks the owners are telling the animals to run through the gates. And, I certainly don’t think he blames the animals. Having dealt with a couple of serious incidents because of loose animals, I support his effort to make the public more responsible.

  2. This goes to the anymous, if you own a farm or ranch and have horses or cows, you need to keep up with the fences, repair fences when they need it. I understand that sometimes horses do get spook and start running. Otto Hanak did not mention anything about opening gates or fences. A few years ago I witness a horse running out in front of a car close to Doe Run Road on HWY 105 and it hurt the horse pretty bad that they had to put the horse down and the two people in the car were injured and had to go the hospital, it’s not pretty to see a horse or the people suffering because people. Just drive around Washington County you be surprised how many places need their fences fixed.

  3. I understand it takes up time putting these animals back in however it is not always the animals fault, fence condition can be a cause to them getting out, something scaring and running them are all conditions of them getting out. Do you honestly think people open their gates or fences and say Run…NO!

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