Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak told today’s (Tuesday’s) meeting of the County Commissioners that holding convicted felons, who ought to be transferred to a state prison, in the county jail is a big drag on his department’s budget.

The Sheriff told the Commissioners that he expects convicted felons to go to a state prison as soon as possible after their convictions and that is not happening.



The Sheriff expressed concerns about his budget and manpower at today’s (Tuesday’s) meeting.  Sherriff Hanak said he is losing six year veteran deputy Kevin Mertz to the Brenham Police Department.  He said the Police Department paid much better and Mertz could not refuse the offer.  Hanak was concerned that he will continue to lose qualified deputies to other law enforcement agencies until the pay scale is improved.

The Sherriff had an ally at today’s (Tuesday’s) meeting in county activist Clem Murski  Murski said he has heard numerous reports throughout the year and it was clear to him that the Sheriff did not have the proper manpower to enforce the laws in the county. 

Sheriff Hanak strongly promoted a bigger budget for his department when the County Commissioners were working on the budget for the next year.

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