For the first time, the Somerville Police Department is able to buy bullet proof vests for their officers this year.

The Somerville Police Department says they cut costs last year, which allowed them to free up the money to buy the new vests. Previously, officers has to purchase much of their own equipment- including belts, guns, ammunition, and bullet proof vests. Bullet Proof vests can cost upwards of $400.

While the vests will expire in the next few years, the department says they’ve made some changes so that officers will not have to cover the cost in the future.

The Somerville Police Department isn’t the only area law enforcement agency to recently equip officers with the potentially life-saving gear.

Navasota Police Department announced earlier this week that Grimes County Crime Stoppers donated $3,000 for the purchase of heavy-duty armor. The armor is worn over normal protective gear and is used for critical events like active shooter situations.

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