The Houston Texans have signed star quarterback Deshaun Watson to a 4-year extension worth $160-million.

DeShaun Watson

The contract contains $111-million guaranteed and also makes Watson the second highest paid quarterback in the NFL behind only Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. This contract will keep Watson in Houston until he is 30 yrs. old.

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  1. AWESOME! I am not a Houston fan; but, I salute the BOLD move of the Texans. Those with an axe to grind should take a laxative! It might improve their attitude!

  2. hey Jake state farm is looking for you . singing the national anthem and the fly overs show how much we love our country if that’s political then just call me a politican or just call me a proud american

  3. That’s a bold move given the current state of pro sports. No fans allowed plus the alienation of over half the fan base with the current politicization of sports is going to make it hard for teams to pay these massive contracts. NBA has seen huge ratings drops which is amazing given 4 to 5 month drought of no pro sports. People were eager to see a return of sports, where politics are normally cast aside and people can just cheer for their favorite teams. Instead, these celebrities went full steam ahead with virtue-signaling so they could be applauded by the Marxist media. They will soon find out that the media is not the ones who pay their exorbitant salaries.

    1. Because singing the National Anthem and doing military flyovers arent political. But yeah, it’s the athletes that politicized sports.

      1. Singing the National Anthem and military flyovers are most certainly not political. You may have missed it, but both major political parties began their respective national conventions by saluting the flag and singing the national anthem. Showing a love of country, and supporting those who defend our freedoms should never ever be seen as political.

        The disrespect some of the high paid divas who play these sports have shown to our nation, our first responders, our military, and our flag is wrong and should not be celebrated. Some, and I repeat SOME, of the issues they are protesting are valid, but this is not the way to make your point. I refuse to watch, attend, or support any sport where this silliness is allowed. I suspect many other like minded people will do the same. If I owned one of these teams and my players could not behave with better decorum, they would find themselves looking for a new job.

      2. We’ve celebrated our great country and the brave people who serve for years regardless of what political party was in power. Celebration of America was not a political issue until the far left made it so. Anyone who thinks America is not worth celebrating is free to look for a more suitable country.

      3. I’m trying to empathize. I guess you would say the National Anthem and a fly over are political if you’re a communist.

        1. I did not mean political in a negative light, but these things are political and if you don’t think so then you completely misunderstand these symbols and actions.

          Just because something is political doesn’t mean its bad, it just means that it can be responded to by being political. Athletes have as much of a right to express political opinions as people at a football game who cheer the American anthem and the military. To say that they do not have that right is a misunderstanding of the basic values of this country.

          1. Not when its a threat to this country as it is and communists are no longer just a Monday night, backroom pinko club but are actively destroying buildings, business, attacking the Church and government, indoctrinating children, corrupting children like cowards when parents are not around, to work against their parents. Our freedoms do not allow for the continuation of this domestic threat. That is built into citizenship. Read the oath taken by immigrants and assumed at birth of every human in this country:
            “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

            The 1954 Communist Control Act needs to be enforced and thanks to our great President, we might get there. Just last week “Critical Theory” and “White Privilege” (both terms parents need to be on the look out for in our public schools) have been defunded as they un-American and destructive Marxist dogma.
            These are completely made up, fictional terms by a bunch of spoiled Germans 90 years ago that were too lazy and stupid to support themselves much less recognize or understand our great country.
            You misunderstand the basic values of our country. You have been, probably a long time, misinformed or perhaps deceived.

          2. So true! Somehow over the decades this nation has lost sight of “basic” values or basic respect. Somehow if you disagree with what some think SHOULD BE THE NORM; then you are called a communist or worse. Disagreement is healthy in every relationship because it makes one ponder points made from the other side of the aisle. Mature and intelligent people know how to disagree without becoming disagreeable! And if America is not living up to its “ideal” of freedom and equal treatment of certain ethnic or gender groups; then by any means necessary those groups HAVE AN AMERICAN right to call it to the nation’s attention. Take a knee, refuse to stand, protest or otherwise is their AMERICAN RIGHT! None of these actions suggest that those who choose to use symbols and actions to make known their grievances do not have “love or respect” for the IDEALS of this nation. I’ve learned never to discuss social or political issues with those less intelligent as it will usually end with confrontation. FREEDOM FOR ALL or FREEDOM FOR NONE!

          3. As someone who has lived half a century in this great country and state, I believe I have a good understanding of our National Anthem, our Flag, and the things they represent. You will never convince me that these symbols should be viewed as political. Is our nation perfect, it is not, however this Nation, the United States of America, has done more for individual liberty and freedom for all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, orientation, or whatever it is you identify with, than any other nation in the history of the world. We are also a nation who has shown a capability to learn from our mistakes, and become a better people because of those mistakes. Our flag and our national anthem should be seen as something that unites us, not divides us, it most certainly should NOT be viewed as political.

            To Jake, you are right, the people who refuse to stand for our flag and national anthem most certainly have the right to protest as they are doing, provided their employers (the sports teams) allow them to behave that way while they are at work (remember it is a highly paid job). However, if the owners choose to allow their employees to behave that way while on company time, I choose not to support them, not to watch them on television, not to purchase their logo’ed products, and not contribute to their business (professional sports). That is my right and I suspect many other Americans probably feel the same way.

    2. @Common Sense, You would be happier living in a dictatorship or third world country where differing thoughts are not allowed. You seem to be unhappy living in a free country where EVERYONE has the RIGHT to exercise & express their thoughts in a civil respectful way. And I am sure that the players are happy that someone with your intelligence does not have to figure a way to pay those “exorbitant salaries”. Every player, coach and fan in the stands of every athletic event in this country has differing views on politics, religion, policing and where Hoffa was buried. Now this is the genius of America. We might learn something by listening to one another for a moment. Read the article again. Everyone else is elated over the signing of Watson to such a GREAT CONTRACT. What did you read?
      The glass is half full.
      No, the glass is half empty.

      1. I completely agree that “EVERYONE has the RIGHT” to exercise and express their thoughts in a civil and respectful way. Where we may disagree is how we define respect and when those rights should be exercised. I do not believe taking a knee during the national anthem is respectful, nor do I believe burning our flag our destroying it in some other way is respectful, you may have the right to do these actions, but respectful?

        In fact I think these acts are highly disrespectful and that people who do these things deserve the diminished view other people may have of them because of the way they are choosing to exercise their rights. As a business owner/manager, I expect that while working, my employees/team represent my business in the best light possible, showing disrespect for OUR national symbols does not do this. Any business that allows this whether a professional sports team, dining establishment, or store will loose my business and possibly others as well.

        Secondly, when you disagree with someone and question their intelligence because you do not like something they stated makes me question your intelligence. Are you in fact not trying to silence them from sharing their opinion by shaming them. This seems like a an attempt to devalue another person because they disagree with you. You mention the idea of learning something by listening to each other, while attempting to silence the opposing viewpoint, maybe you should consider actively listening and learning as you yourself suggest.

        With regard to the play getting a big contract, honestly, for most people it does not matter. If you happen to be a football fan and like this player, GREAT, however it makes very little difference to most folks which is why most of us are not elated or disappointed, we just don’t really care that much.

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