For over a hundred years every statewide office in Texas, including the Governor were held by Democrats.  The Democrats also held both houses of the state legislature.

All that began to change with the election of Bill Clements as governor in 1978.

That’s a concern for the state’s Democrats when they meet in their biennial state convention in Dallas this weekend.

Democrats hope State Senator Wendy Davis could break the Republican 20 year hold on the governor’s office as she goes up against a well financed campaign by Republican nominee Greg Abbott.

Even with that excitement, down ballot Democrats face an uphill battle against a slate of Republican candidates with name recognition and resources.

The Democrats have one name with near universal recognition.  Their candidate for State Attorney General is a Houston lawyer named Sam Houston.  He faces Republican State Senator Ken Paxton, of McKinney.  Paxton is a Tea Party favorite, backed by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

In the Comptroller’s race, the Democrats have nominated Houston CPA Mike Collier who is facing State Senator Glen Hegar of Katy.  Brenham and Washington County are in  Hegar’s state senatorial district.

The Republicans have their own name recognized candidates.  There is another George Bush on the statewide ballot.  George P. Bush, the nephew and grandson of the previous Bush presidents is running for land commissioner against former El Paso Mayor John Cook.

Democrats are hoping to find the winning formula in this weekend’s state convention.  They have not held a statewide office in 20 years.

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