The Washington County Appraisal District Board of Directors approved a series of appointments for 2021 at its meeting Tuesday.

The board appointed the members of next year’s ag use committee and appraisal review board.

Members of the ag use committee meet three times a year to help set guidelines for ag use in the county.  The committee, which did not meet at all this year, is made up of citizens who are involved in the agricultural community.

The appraisal review board is an independent board that handles the review of protests from property owners concerning property values and exemptions.

Board members also approved the disposal of a 2004 Chevy short bed pickup.  The truck was part of the fleet used by appraisers to travel to and inspect properties.  The truck will be presented to local entities to see if they are interested in purchasing the truck; if not, it will be listed on an online auction site.

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  1. The qualifications and process for appointing board members is a requirement of state law. Your local agencies aren’t just making it up as they go, creating an avenue for the public to protest their own decisions, because it’s convenient or fun for them.

  2. I would like to know who sets on the board also and controls my taxes since they keep going up so high year after year.

  3. I don’t get it. What do we have citizens reviewing OUR property complaints? Do they have special training?”, go the classes? What authority do they have to review my grievances? Tired of Brenham putting it off to someone else for blame. Because THEY don’t want to be the bad guys. It doesn’t appear the Appraisal District has lines or overwhelmed when I’ve been there. Really I’ve been insulted because they get offended if you ask them simple questions. They could use a class to how to treat people with more respect . I write big checks every time I’m there an they act like I’m taking up their time. And we would like to know the names of this people that will be on this committee. It’s our right to know WHO is reviewing OUR business.

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