John Deans, a known local gun rights advocate, has been promoting the ‘Angel Guardians’ security program to the Brenham School district since January, soon after the mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Brenham School Board has held five meetings discussing this security plan since it was first presented at their July.  The plan would place an armed professional staff member on each of the seven campuses of the Brenham School District. Deans says this is the best way to prevent a mass school shooting and he believes he has the evidence to support his point.   He now has a website that he says will answer any questions about having armed personnel on a school campus.  Deans hopes anyone with questions to log on to   He says it is time we stop cowering and begin protecting.:


Deans says precious moments are lost in an active shooting situation by calling police, moments he says people could lose their lives.  He says the armed professional would have a concealed handgun license, receive additional training and undergo rigorous psychological testing, before being allowed to have a handgun on campus.

Deans countered opposing voices to this plan by saying they have not attended the school board meetings and have not fully researched the plan. Retired Brenham School teacher LaSandra Sanders presented a petition with more than 300 signatures to the Brenham School Board at their last meeting from ‘The Citizens for Community Progress.’  Sanders says there are still too many questions and even options to be explored before school personnel are armed.  She says a firearm on campus may escalate a dangerous situation and that more counseling and understanding may be the best way to prevent a violent incident on campus.  Sanders says it is important the Brenham School District hold to its mission of educating students.

 Brenham School Supt. Sam Bell has been suggesting the plan since the July meeting of the Board when Sheriff Otto Hanak, Brenham Police Chief Rex Phelps and District Attorney Julie Renken all offered to support the district should the board adopt the security plan.

The Board is expected to vote on the Angel Guardians plan during their meeting on November 18th.

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