A new program at Brenham Junior High and High School received praise at last (Monday) night’s School Board meeting.

AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is in its first year at Brenham Junior High and High School.  Instructor Brett Mouser said there are 27 students in the program at the High School.  Several of those students told the School Board Monday night how AVID has changed their study habits for the better, and improved their grades. The program teaches organization and time management, and helps get students ready for college if they choose that path.  As part of AVID, college students come to the high school campus to speak about their experiences….and the participants take field trips to college campuses.

At Brenham Junior High there are 75 students participating in AVID.  Instructor Jenny Schaer told the Board that 45 out of those 75 students were on the Honor Roll for the first six weeks.  Eventually the AVID program will be in all of the schools of BISD.

AVID Students and instructors Jenny Schaer and Brett Mouser.