In the wake of increasing school violence across the nation, the Brenham school district has increased its security at four of the district’s campuses.

Superintendent Sam Bell told the weekend edition of the Brenham Banner Press that additional resource officers have begun rotating at the three elementary campuses and middle school.  The district already has officers on duty at the high school and junior high.

Bell says the step up in security began as students returned from the Christmas break.

Back in November, the BISD Board of Trustees You must be logged in with the proper services to print this article.

authorized up to $75,000 for increased on-campus security.

The move came after the board voted against the Brenham Angel Guardians proposal that would allow authorized campus administrators and teachers to carry weapons.

Bell told the Banner Press the district worked with the Brenham Police Department to set up a rotation of off-duty officers to rotate between the four campuses.

Bell said everything so far is going well, and that the kids, teacher and employees all like the plan.

Bell said the $75,000 authorized by school trustees should be enough to fund the program the remainder of the school year.


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