Generators for emergencies, tornado shelters, and outreach and education are all part of the Hazard Mitigation Plan that the Washington County Commissioners approved at today’s (Tuesday’s) meeting.

Washington County Emergency Coordinator Robert Smith told the County Commissioners that they had been working on this plan for more than two years.  He said the plan, which would be effective until 2018, is a requirement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency so the county can receive funds during disasters and hazards. 

Smith reviewed some of the high points of the plan.  He said it was clear that emergency generators were need in much of the county.  Those would be based at Faith Mission. Smith said they an outrach an de and education plan on what people need to do in an emergency.

Smith also said they need to designated tornado shelters.  This concern brought  a question from Clem Murski, who wanted to know if there was a list for shelters for tornadoes, hurricanes and other emergencies.  County Judge John Brieden said the emergencies are called in stages, and as each stage is called, new shelters are opened.  Smith said that many of the shelters are churches and some people have their private shelters.  Precinct Four County Commissioner Joy Fuchs noted that Brenham Junior High School, originally built to be a bomb shelter, is almost always used as a storm shelter.  Judge Brieden also said that the bottom floor of the county courthouse could also be a tornado shelter.

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