Alexia Lopez

A national television program will revisit the open case of a Brenham toddler, who was murdered over nine years ago.

“The Hunt with John Walsh” will re-visit the death of Alexia Lopez, when it airs Sunday night at 7:00 on the HLN Network.

Murder suspect Berney Figueroa

In March of 2008, Benny Figueroa was caring for Lopez, while the 2-year old’s parents worked.

While in Figueroa’s care, Alexia was struck so hard her intestines separated.  She later died at the local hospital.

Figueroa, a native of Honduras who was in the country legally, fled and has not been seen since.

Walsh’s program, “America’s Most Wanted” featured the case in a primetime segment in September 2009.

Sandra Lopez

Brenham Police Captain Lloyd Powell tells the Brenham Banner Press that there are no new leads in the case, but they are still looking for Figueroa, who officials believe is back in her home country of Honuras.

Sandra Lopez, Alexia’s mother says she’s hopeful renewed publicity will help find her daughter’s killer.

“The Hunt with John Walsh” airs on the HLN Network, Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

HLN is channel 51 on Brenham Sudden Link; 204 on DirecTV; 202 on Dish Network; and 203 on AT&T UVerse.

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