Students at Caldwell Elementary School along with the faculty and staff will re-locate next week while crews work to remove non-toxic mold and mildew from the school. 


Classes at Caldwell Elementary School will be cancelled Monday and Tuesday as the staff prepares to move their classes to Caldwell-area churches.  The school needs to be empty while school officials ‘address the needs’  of the campus during the day. 

Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, the students will begin going to school at four different churches in Caldwell. Caldwell ISD Supt. Janet Cummings says the relocation is a precautionary measure for the well-being of the staff and students.  She says the mold is not toxic but still needs to be cleaned out.

Cummings says the parents should still drop off their children at Caldwell Elementary to be taken to their classes.  Pre-schoolers will be taken to the First Baptist Church, kindergartners will go to the First Methodist Church, first graders will go to St. Mary’s Catholic Church and second graders will have classes at Elizabeth Lutheran Church. 

There is still no word on how long the elementary school will be closed.

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