Gov. Rick Perry declined an offer to meet with President Obama when he comes to the Texas State Capitol in Austin Wednesday.

Instead, the outgoing Republican governor said he would like to have a ‘substantial meeting’ with the President on the immigration crisis.

That’s something the President has agreed to.  The President and the Governor will meet in Dallas Wednesday.

The governor sent a letter to the White House Monday, turning down an invitation for what he called a ‘quick handshake on the tarmac.’


Gov. Perry did say however, that he would be willing to rearrange his schedule to discuss ‘the humanitarian and national security crisis along the Texas/Mexico border.’


President Obama will be in Dallas, then Austin Wednesday and Thursday, raising money for Democrats and their causes and speaking about the economy.


Gov. Perry had previously invited the President to the border while sharply criticizing the Administration amid a surge of unaccompanied children and their families, mostly from Central America coming across the Texas border.


Congressman Henry Cuellar of Laredo said he hoped this situation does not become ‘the Katrina Moment for President Obama.’

Cuellar repeated calls for President Obama to come to the border.  A spokesman for the White House has noted that the President has been to the border and he has received detailed reports on the crisis.


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