Douglas Cone small

Douglas Cone


The race for Washington County Precinct Two Justice of the Peace has a long time incumbent getting a challenge from a man who wants to make a change.

Justice of the Peace Doug Cone is running for his fifth term,..He says his long time experience on the bench gives him a big advantage in running his court.  He says that the experience will help him make legal decisions even though he is not a lawyer.

Cone realizes there are many challenges in being a Justice of the Peace but he has a proven record that will make him successful.



Dennis Todd reversed

Dennis Todd



His opponent is Dennis Todd.  Todd was a long time Sheriff’s Deputy and he thinks that experience, along with his community involvement will allow him to make good decisions about the law, even though he is not a lawyer.







Both say they will be furthered prepared with the 80 hours of continuing education required of justices of the peace.

Early voting continues through Friday and election day in March Fourth.

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