Washington County Clerk Beth Rothermel says that registered voters with a recognized form voter identification should have no trouble casting a ballot in the state constitutional election or any other election in the future.

Early voting continues through Friday for next Tuesday’s state constitutional election.  It is the first statewide election with the voter ID law in effect. 

Rothermel says there are plenty of websites warning potential voters about the ID and what will be accepted but she says everyone should look at the website of the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.  That’s

Under the law, voters with names on their identification that are not ‘substantially similar’ to their names on the rolls would have to opt to vote later or use a provisional ballot.  Rothermel says if the voter’s name on the registration card is almost the same as their photo identification they can sign an affidavit to vote.


Rothermel says the voting turnout has been very light and there has been no problems with anyone wanting to vote. She says a provisional ballot is a last resort and that no one will be turned away from the polls.

Ft. Worth State Senator Wendy Davis had to sign the affidavit when she voted early in the constitutional election because the name on her driver’s license was slightly different from her voter registration card.

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