Monthly sales tax rebates saw a dramatic increase in Brenham, Burton and Washington County.

This month’s sale tax rebates showed sharp increases across the board.

Brenham’s July payment with reflects sales from May, was $531,207—a 14.7-percent increase over last July’s payment of $463,112.

For the year, Brenham’s rebate has been $3,762,801—a 6.6-percent increase over 2016 ($3,528,335).

Washington County’s rebate for July is $231,462, which is a 26.6-percent increase over last year’s payment of $182,862.

The rebates for the year have totaled $1,563,405—up 9.4-percent from last year ($1,429,585).

The July rebate in Burton was $4,899—up 83.7-percent from last July’s rebate of $2,666.  For the year, Burton has received $38,024, up 76.3-percent ($21,570).

According to State Comptroller Glen Hager, rebates statewide totaled $679.9-million this month, a 9-percent increase over 2016.