Sheriff Otto Hanak

Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak has released an end of the year report for 2016.

Hanak says that during 2016 the Washington County Sheriff's Office conducted criminal investigations, traffic stops, investigated traffic accidents, participated in mandated training, conducted job interview boards, and responded to and investigated assaults and disturbances.

Deputies also investigated property crimes, testified in court, responded to loose livestock and residential and business alarms, provided courtroom security, transported prisoners statewide, and conducted safety and welfare checks on residences and businesses. The items listed below represent a small sample of over 100 incident/offense categories tracked and reported by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

In 2016, the Washington County Sheriff's Office:

  1. Responded to 24,410 incidents/calls
  2. 803,761 miles driven
  3. 931 traffic tickets written
  4. 2,225 traffic warnings
  5. 425 traffic accidents
  6. 336 reckless driving calls
  7. 534 false alarms
  8. 845 loose livestock calls
  9. 50 animal/animal bite calls
  10. 1,282 arrests – felony and misdemeanor
  11. 512 request to verify welfare of individual
  12. 776 calls of “assistance rendered” to motorists and outside agencies
  13. 1,428 warrants (felony and misdemeanor) executed
  14. 3,871- business checks/foot patrol
  15. 3,392 - license plate verifications

During 2016, deputies, jailers, work crew supervisors, and support staff performed the following functions:

  1. 1,507 male suspects booked into the jail
  2. 490 female suspects booked into the jail
  3. 119 inmates transferred to T.D.C.
  4. Transported 121 Mental Health cases
  5. 98 bailiff service dates to County, District and family courts
  6. Provide daily savings of tax dollars by having repairs, general maintenance, and preventative maintenance addressed and completed by staff members and inmate labor.
  7. Since January 1, 2016, staff and inmate labor removed 527,360 pounds of trees, brush, and timber from our county roads with inmate and staff labor resulting in savings of over $46,530.00 in tax dollars. In addition, inmate and staff personnel provided cleanup services, assistance to and maintenance services for the Maifest, Collection Station, Bread Partners, Fortnightly Club Book drive, the Margaret Blizzard Senior Activity Center as well as many other non-profit organizations.
  8. Since January 1, 2016, Washington County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputies have logged in over 555 hours of patrol, criminal investigations and special events.

In 2016, the Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.), consisting of 5-10 men and women, and designated to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, performed the following functions.  This professional work is cost free and is a tremendous asset to the Sheriff’s office, organizations, and our community. In addition to the C.O.P. required training, these men and women have trained in Hazardous Materials, Pipeline Emergency Response, SKYWARN (weather events), Self-Aid/Buddy Aid, Traffic Accident Direction, and Active Shooter Training:

  1. Volunteer Hours – 2,909
  2. Miles Driven –   24,624
  3. Traffic Direction - 48 special events
  4. Traffic Accident Assists - 18

Sheriff Hanak released the following statement about the report:

"I would like to thank the entire staff of the Washington County Sheriff's Office, our COP’s, and our reserves for the professional services provided to the citizens of our county. As your Sheriff, I can assure each of you that we will continue to perform our job functions with integrity and professionalism and I thank you all for the opportunity to serve another 4 years.  I would also like to thank our citizens for their continued and unwavering support and the prayers for our officers and their families during these tough times. Should any of our citizens have questions or comments about the Washington County Sheriff's Office, please get in touch with us through email, by phone, or in person.  Also, feel free to visit our website at"

As a reminder, the Washington County Dispatch Center non-emergency number has changed to 979-277-7373. If you have an emergency, always call 911. The main number for the Washington County Sheriff's Office is 979-277-6251.

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