An overflow crowd packed the County Commissioner’s Courtroom this morning for a public hearing for a proposed club type race track.  Residents from the Wonder Hill Road area came to hear the proposal and object to it.  Specifically, the hearing was for a Tax Phase-in Incentive for the property on Wonder Hill Road where the proposed track would be built.

Colby and VonSchmidt

EDF Project Manager Clint Colby (left) and track developer Charles Von Schmidt

Clint Colby, Project Manager with the Economic Development Foundation, began by stating that the developers would be investing 5 million dollars into the facility.  As questions began to be asked, Judge Brieden asked track developer Charles Von Schmidt to give some details about the proposed facility.   Von Schmidt explained that the track would be used for car clubs to drive on a road race course, primarily on the weekends and would not be designed for pro level drivers or cars.  He stated that most of the cars on the track would be driven to the events and that the noise level would be no louder that Highway 290.  Von Schmidt said that he intends to live on the property and there would be no events taking place at night.

Walt Schoenvogel small

County resident Walt Schoenvogel voices his objections to the proposed track.


Numerous residents from the Wonder Hill Road area voiced their concerns that the track would bring increased traffic to the narrow county road and that the noise from the track would disrupt the quiet country residential area.  Most of the residents stated that the proposed site was not a good location for the facility.  After about an hour of hearing comments and questions, Judge Brieden stated that another public hearing would be scheduled to allow everyone more time to voice their concerns.  The Commissioners voted to table the proposal until that meeting is set.

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