Texas grocery giant H-E-B has pulled all Blue Bell products from its shelves following recent recalls. BLUE BELL LOGO

Corporate officials in San Antonio say they are working with Blue Bell officials and are calling the move "a precautionary measure due to food safety concerns."

The local HEB store is complying with its corporate concerns.  Brenham store manager Doc Williams confirms all Blue Bell has been removed from their shelves.

The move comes after Blue Bell Creameries announced a voluntary suspension of operations at their Broken Arrow, Oklahoma manufacturing plant linked to a listeriosis outbreak.

In a statement issued Friday, the company said its Oklahoma will undergo a thorough inspection "for any possible problems that may have led to the contamination of some of our ice cream products in the past few weeks."

H-E-B says customers with concerns can return the products to stores for a full refund.

Customers with questions can contact H-E-B Customer Relations at 1-855-432-4438 between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Meanwhile, Randalls voluntarily pulled all of its Blue Bell products Friday night but a spokeswoman said the store would return the product to its freezers as soon as officials checked to make sure the ice cream did not come from Oklahoma.

Kroger still had Blue Bell in stock but had posted a warning sign on the freezer door.

The recall began after five patients in Wichita, Kan., became ill with listeria while hospitalized. Officials determined at least four drank milkshakes containing Blue Bell ice cream. Three of the patients died.

To tell if you bought products from Blue Bell's Oklahoma facility, the code on the bottom of the carton ends in the letters S, P, O, Q, R or T.


  1. I wish people cared this much about other matters and issues in our community instead of worrying about blue bell

    1. People do care about other matters and issues in our community, but if something tragic happens to Blue Bell, who is a big supporter of all that goes on in this community, Brenham will suffer and suffer badly. Look at how many people Blue Bell employs, not to mention the number of people that come here just to see the plant! Our economy depends on Blue Bell, so forgive me if I support Blue Bell during this time and want to stand behind them!!

  2. I understand that all the people that have gotten sick or died are patients of the same hospital. I find it very strange that no other people got sick or died.I have eaten blue bell all my life and will continue to eat it. I personal think that this is just a case of someone passing the buck to avoid the blame.

  3. Come on—–HEB. Over reaction. Still won’t buy your store brand ice cream, will go to local mom and pop and get BB.

  4. The problem is in Broken Arrow, Okla. and HEB pulls product made in Brenham??? Just a way to sell their sorry HEB brand ice cream. Blue Bell is a proud Brenham tradition, if HEB wants to politicize this maybe they do not need Brenham people supporting them! My family will not shop there any more- Other stores around that support Brenham- we will support them.

    1. It seems like there is links to the problem coming from the Brenham plant as well. it is not heb trying to get people to buy their brand of ice cream (we all know blue bell is far superior). Kroger and sams club have followed suit by pulling bb products of the shelf as well. better safe than sorry I always say. recalls happen all the time in the food industry. blue bell will recover and be fine. no need for overreaction and not shopping at heb again. they aren’t the ones who made the product

  5. Hey, Blue Bell! The community that supports you applauds your efforts to correct this unfortunate situation. Get it fixed and get those freezers cranking again !

    1. I agree, John.
      This is so very heartbreaking…
      Blue Bell will be back in the clear in no time~

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