The Washington County Commissioners will conduct Public Hearings and possibly approve the placement of stop signs in the Bluebonnet Hills Subdivision in Precinct Two in several locations in that area when they meet on Tuesday at 9:00am.

The intersections being considered are Bluebonnet Blvd at its intersection with Trey Lane, east and westbound, Bluebonnet Blvd (four way stop), Azalea Street at Pebble Lane (all way stop), Bluebonnet Blvd at its intersection with Bluehaven Hill Road, Bluebonnet Blvd at its intersection with Jasmine St.

Also being considered is replacing an existing Yield sign with stop signs on Bluehaven Road at its two intersections with Bluehaven Hill Circle, west and east sides of the circle.

Creating an All Way Stop at Blue Bell Lane at its intersection with Bluehaven Hill Road.

Installing a Stop Sign at Bluehaven Hill Road at its intersection with Bradley Lane.

The commissioners will also hear the pending Fairgrounds Management’s rental and regulations contracts, and accounts payable.

The Commissioners meet at the courthouse chambers at the Washington County Courthouse.



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  1. I do agree that putting all the stop signs and Bluebonnet Hills is a waste of money and time. We do not need anymore stop signs out here!!! I guess you can put the stop signs but the roads out here that need to be fixed can’t be done right? It just gets patched up and never fixed properly, but hey, let’s add the stop signs!

  2. I have lived out in Bluebonnet Hills for 22 years do you really think people will use all those stop signs. A total waste of tax dollars if not enforced. The stop sign now on Azalea street has never been enforce people run that stop sign and when deputies do come they sit in plain view REALLY. I have ask for a deputy to sit on Pebble Street behind bushes to caught speeder that has never happened. I don’t know about the rest of the neighborhood but Azalea street and Bluebonnet Blvd in the front is a race track. Good luck I will sit back and laugh and watch my tax dollar go to waste.

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