The State of Texas saw a record number of weather-related events in 2015, including hail, floods, and tornadoes and droughts, and saw record amount of rainfall.

For the Washington County area, Brenham saw a total of a little more than 79 inches of rain last year. Normal rainfall is around 44 inches.

Weather experts says that the unusual global weather patterns, as well as pointing out that global warming effects caused an increase in downpours in the state, and have been on the increase for forty years.

El Nino is also being cited as a reason for the more intense storms. About every three to twelve years, water on the surface of the Pacific Ocean gets so warm that it heats the air above it, which rises in massive columns, thwarting the typical flow of atmospheric currents.

Weather experts say that this year’s El Nino is the strongest in many years.


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  1. Global warming is absolutely stupid! We got much bigger problems in this country! God is in control! He will do what He wants! Scientists or whoever can believe what they want! God holds the Whole World in His Hands! Never forget that!

  2. Anyone who claims we have had TOO MUCH rain in the past ten years does not, has not, ever owned a cow. Thank God for the rain and thank God for Texas. Love it or Leave it. Don’t even think about changing it. And while your here by birth, or invitation, or even as an uninvited guest: JUST EAT MORE BEEF.

    1. I agree ….. most people that have no cattle don’t remember 2011 when we had only 16 inches of rain all year…..

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