A popular chain of local convenience stores is changing owners.

Jim Kolkhorst President Kolkhorst Petroleum
Jim Kolkhorst
President Kolkhorst Petroleum

Kolkhorst Petroleum, Inc., owner of the "Rattlers" convenience store chain, has reached an agreement with of Sunoco LP to sell its 14 Rattlers convenience stores along with its wholesale motor fuel distribution business.

The transaction is expected to be completed within the next few months.

SUN already owns dozens of convenience stores and a wholesale distribution business in Texas.

Kolkhorst Petroleum President Jim Kolkhorst says the company will retain and continue to operate its commercial fuel, bobtail and lubricant business with the headquarters remaining in Navasota.

Kolkhorst Foods, LLC, will be retained as well, which currently operates five Burger King locations.

Kolkhorst tells KWHI News that now was a good time to sell that portion of the business.

Kolkhorst also told KWHI that the property at the corner of North Park St. and Blue Bell Road would be the home of a new Burger King Restaurant, owned by Kolkhorst Foods, LLC.

A Rattlers store was originally planned for that site, but those plans have now changed.  Kolkhorst says plans for the remainder of the property are being evaluated.

Rattlers’ fourteen stores are located in: Brenham, Bryan, College Station, Chappell Hill, Bellville, Giddings, LaGrange, Navasota and Cameron.


  1. I worked for Mr. Kolkhorst at one of his Burger Kings, very nice guy. I’m surprise he’s selling off Rattlers, since his Burger Kings are not profiting as well as Rattlers is.

    Very weird location to build a Burger King in Brenham? I guess his looking to make his money off of the High School kids? I just don’t see people going out of their way to go to Burger King.

    1. As someone who works on the north side of town I am very excited, our current choices for a quick lunch are extremely limited.

  2. Wasn’t there a Burger King here at one time that is now Bush’s Chicken. Seems like that location was better than the new one. If that one didn’t make it, what makes them think that this one will?

    1. Yes, the location sometimes have something to do with it, but most of time it’s the ownership and good customer service that help make a difference. I will travel out of the way for good customer service and clean establishment. I think this company has proven they can handle the challenge. .

  3. I hope part of the deal is keeping the employees that currently work there. I enjoy going in the Four Way and visiting with Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Dee, Tyler, and the rest of the crew. They’re always nice and friendly, saying hello and welcoming everyone that walks in by their name. It’s why I choose to stop there instead of other places.

  4. Probably means they’ll be Stripes gas stations. One just went up in Navasota too.

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