Formal protests of property taxes in Washington County are up this year.

During Tuesday’s Washington County Appraisal District board meeting, Chief Appraiser Dyann White reported that 1,516 formal protests were received during this protest season.  Last year, there were 1,292 protests.

Of this year’s protests, White said 979 were settled, 115 were withdrawn, 118 were “no-shows” for the hearing, 29 were voided for a variety of reasons, and 67 are still pending.

The appraisal review board listened to 208 protests, ordering reductions to 18 of those and denying any reduction to the remaining 190.

Looking at last year’s protests, 684 were resolved informally, and there were 561 “no-shows.”  The appraisal review board heard 47 protests, changing value on one account and making no change to the other 46.

In the only action item on the agenda for the appraisal district board, it renewed its annual contract with Brenham ISD, which authorizes the school district to perform the appraisal duties of the appraisal district under Texas Property Tax Code.  According to White, the contract has been in place since appraisal districts were formed by the Texas Legislature in 1979.

The cost is equal to the appraisal district budget for the 2021-22 Fiscal Year, which is $979,180.  White said there are no changes to the contract other than the new budget amount.


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